Our Favorite Links

Independent Baptist Church Directory
(Directory of Independent Baptist Churches in the U.S. and Abroad)

"God's Simple Plan of Salvation"
(View this tract in many languages.)

"This Was Your Life" Chick Tract
(View this tract in many languages.)

Online Bible Search
(Look up Bible verses online and in other languages.)

Streaming Audio Bible - KJV
(Streaming audio Bible narrated by - Alexander Scorby)

MP3 Downloadable Bible - KJV
(Dramatized KJV Bible by Firefighters for Christ)

Challenge Press Bookstore
(Online bookstore for Independent Baptist Resources)

Fundamental Baptist Resources
(Many resources including articles, MP3 sermons, etc.)

E-Bible Teacher Website
(Bible-teaching aides available online.)

Rejoice Radio
(Internet Radio from Pensacola Christian College)

(Inexpensive Internet filtering software for your computer.)